welcome to grass mountain pottery

Grass Mountain Pottery features functional stoneware with celadon and earth-tone glazes fired at high temperature (cone 9). All patterns found on the stoneware are carefully designed and arranged before carved by hand individually.

All stoneware are handmade in British Columbia, Canada and, most importantly, they are food-safe and microwavable. Dishwasher-safe for wares with non-crackle glaze. As for the crackled glaze (e.g. celadon mugs), they may not be able to withstand the heated drying cycle (after soaking in washing and rinsing cycles) from a dishwasher so ... just to be safe, hand-washing these celadon wares is highly recommended.

pottery making process

Pottery making is a combination of art and science. I was absolutely amazed by it when I first learn pottery many years ago. If you are interested in the process of my pottery making, click here to find out more.


From time to time, customers would ask me how to use or maintain certain products they purchased. Click here to learn more about them. If you don't see what you're looking for, feel free to email me.